Four Weeks to Wellness: The Foundations

The Four Weeks to Wellness Foundations Program gets you on the fast track to living a well-lived life. We become partners in creating a lifestyle that supports your wellness goals and enables you to realize the vision you have for your ultimate wellbeing and your best life.

Employing a holistic mind-body approach, the four weeks cover the foundations: food, fitness, focus, and the wellness (fun)damentals. This framework provides the foundation for a program completely tailored to you. 

You get four one-on-one sessions completely focused on you and your goals, and together we create a customized action plan to help you step into your vision. We cover the foundational habits of wellness and success and how to integrate both new habits and balance into your full life.

In between our sessions you get full email and text support, plus two 15-minute check-ins. Prior to our first session, I analyze your comprehensive intake form so we can hit the ground running with a clear vision that incorporates your wellness and lifestyle goals in mind. As your coach, I offer full support and accountability as you build the life you envision!

Say YES to YOU and start living the life you envision NOW!

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