Private Consultation

This is a 90-minute deep-dive wellness consultation to help you get clear on the current status quo in your health and wellness, what your goals and vision are, and ultimately to co-create your wellness action plan.

Beginning with a thorough review of the intake forms and questionnaires you will receive upon confirmation of purchase, we will examine what has been holding you back and create an action plan that will help you move forward with support and accountability. You will receive a custom-designed plan and personalized recommendations for best next steps, plus any relevant referrals.

If you are local,* the session can be dedicated in whole or in part to a kitchen pantry clean-out and/or a guided grocery store visit, in which we’ll work on label reading and why some options are better than others and brainstorm easy meal and snack ideas. 

*Individual sessions will be conducted via phone. If local (North Jersey/ greater NYC), we can discuss the option of meeting in person. 

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