“Working with Amanda was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. When we first started working together, I was at my highest weight ever, wasn’t fitting into any of my clothes, and was experiencing heartburn for the first time in my life. After just 4 weeks, I lost 9 pounds, was sleeping better, felt calmer and more relaxed, and was getting compliments on the improvement in my skin.

Now that I’m done with the program, I’ve successfully shifted my habits and I have so much more clarity and confidence about what works for me. I feel healthier and happier than ever. I truly feel that going through this program is one of my greatest personal accomplishments because our health and wellbeing fuel everything else in our lives.

Amanda was easy to work with, talk to, and helped me find the balance I needed to do what’s best for me and my family. With a baby on the way, I cannot be more grateful for the healthy lifestyle I have picked up and continue to live by. This program has introduced life-changing habits that were easy to maintain and had tremendous effect on my health and wellbeing.”

~ Hadil A.

“Working with Amanda has been an enlightening experience. She has a wealth of knowledge in health and wellness and guided me through all of the lifestyle changes necessary to be my healthiest and happiest self. Her approach is hands-on and fluid, which allowed me to change my habits at a level that felt comfortable for my lifestyle. As a result, I am sleeping well, have reached my goal weight, and feel the healthiest I have ever felt as an adult.  I feel focused, clear-headed and confident. I highly recommend Amanda’s program. Thank you Amanda!!!” 

~ Tanya L.

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